The first step, allows for the meeting of client and the landscape architect. A site's strengths and weaknesses are assessed, and ideas for improvement can be discussed.

Rough Sketch:

$400 - $800

A rough sketch serves to communicate the main design ideas for the site. These drawings are not to scale, but are an inexpensive way to visualize the proposed layout of the property.

Conceptual Master Plans:

$1500 - $3000

A comprehensive master plan for the entire site. Useful for completing construction over time in phases. These drawings are to scale, hand drawn, color rendered. They include: property lines, building footprint, hardscapes, vegetation, lighting and other landscape elements. See drawings section.

Construction Documents:

$100 per hour

These are additional drawings that may be necessary for larger scale projects, permitting or detail sheets for specific contractors.

Project Management:

$100 per hour

By being involved in the construction phase the Landscape Architect can make aesthetic decisions, provide substitutions, control costs and assure quality. I have skilled Landscape contractors that I prefer to work directly with.

Collaboration is also possible with other contractors that Clients have successfully worked with in the past. Some Clients are able to perform some of the work themselves, in which case I can assist in Layout, Material Selection and Construction Methods.

Continuing Care:

$100 per hour

On projects that have been designed and built previously, seasonal visits aid the landscape in maturing properly. A Landscape has the beneficial quality of improving with age if they are cared for - a loss of investment if they are neglected. The budget must not exclude ongoing care. During these visits recommendations are given regarding the maintenance, pruning, systems analysis (lighting, irrigation, water features).


Prices for 2015. Please consider Timing, Consultations can be scheduled anytime, Drawings and Project management services may be booked out for a season during busy times. I appreciate when clients first commission a design, and in due time set about the phasing of construction.